Monday, August 27, 2007

Ciao! Adios! Au Revoir!

I have reached the end of the Blogging Trail! I actually finished several days ago but haven't done the wrap-up "thing" as I thought a bit of time and distance might serve to make the view a bit clearer. So here is what I think....

This was a good exercise if for no other reason than to, well, exercise! My brain was challenged by all of this technology and I'm sure that I will use some of it, but not all. Many of the resources that we learned about are for those who are truely gung ho about a topic---many times a job or hobby. Me, not so much!

My biggest complaint was the lack of time to really get into each "thing" and use/understand it's many different pieces. I definately felt the pressure of time---perhaps because of all of the postings about the latest finishers. Now I know that we have 'til Staff Day but "if they could do it then so could I" might be the way I am thinking. So I just plowed ahead.

I honestly don't see how anyone could have competed this challenge without doing most of the assignments at home---I've had to work on this exclusively at home and I know that most of my co-workers are doing the same. Not a good "thing". Glad that I have high speed Internet or I'd still be sitting at work---or not getting this done!

And so, thanks to all of you for putting this together--It WAS fun, frustrating, educating and amazing! I would do something like this again---but let time do it's "thing" first so that my short term memory loss can kick in!



HCPL Techincal Trainer said...

Congrats to you Lily. Your blogs is ces't magnifique

HCPL WebMaster said...

Congrats from me too. Good job... and I appreciate the time and effort you did put in. The time at home vs. work is always an issue... should have been negotiated with your supervisor and all that... but we'll have to look into that if we do another round. I do hope you'll consider returning to the tools you liked and investigate further.