Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ah, YouTube! Until just a minute ago I thought that i would NEVER use it. But after all I gotta accomplish this #20 so I searched for "Sailing". What a great video and super music of a catamaran flying across the ocean! But Wait! There is now a list of other hits for "Sailing". I'd forgotten all about Rod Stewart's song of the same name (Gasp!). Click on it and now I'm sailing along with him as I write this---actually now I'm on to the next selection of Rod in concert. Bonus!

Not the best visual but I'm sure that that will improve with time. Fun to see the old Rod again---the old hairstyle was not the best. On to other old favorites....PP&M, Kingston Trio, even obscure Ian & Sylvia---whew! That was a LONG time ago but they are all there.

But I digress! I think that this would be a good training tool---just don't ask me to get up there! so I've changed my mind about YouTube somewhat. I'm really enjoying listening while I type but, again, I do think that too many people think that they are worthy of being seen by whomever and guess what? they aren't!

That's it for me from here...nope don't look for me on YouTube, I'm just enjoying a trip down memory lane and it all started with the word "sailing"!

Not sure how to post the sailing video but thought I'd give it a try. I wish you fair seas and following winds!

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