Wednesday, August 15, 2007

At the 18th Hole!

And now I have yet another account! A Google Docs account no less! I can now share with the entire world what I have to say and they can edit my thoughts to their heart's content. Yes, I actually DO think that this would be a very useful site to use if my world was a bit larger and widespread. somewhere I saw an example of a Little League spreadsheet---an excellent example of the usefulness of this type of Web 2 stuff. Wonder if they are using it over at Ripken Stadium with all those Little League World Series minipeople.

I found this very easy to use once I noticed the "help" button. Too bad there wasn't more help prior to logging on. I would have liked to see a page that compared Google with Zoho just for curiosity sake.

Created a word document because that was the easiest thing to do and at this point I'm just test driving, not learning a whole new thing like spread sheets---although I could probably slog through. At any rate, I did not take the challenge to publish my post---I feel that the world will go on without my two cents worth. I did take a look at how to publish and share though and think that it is actually quite niffty to be able to do all of this. Hooray for the "Hidden Web" longer hidden to 23 thingers!

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