Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Taking a Look @ Award Winners

Hmm...wondering who actually decided on the winners ( I may have skipped that detail as I was anxious to get to the sites of the winners. I've clicked here there and everywhere---lots of different catagories. Backpack, an organizing tool, looks easy to use and the examples given certainly get the thought juices going! Yes, indeed, I could use this for addresses, phone numbers, to do lists and so forth. Now all I need is one of those new phones that also have Internet access so that when I'm standing in line wondering if I have all of the ingredients to a yummy new recipe I can just bring up the list online. Much easier than having to write it all down, put the list in my pocket and then find it before checking out!

I was also interested in looking at the charity sites. Be Green calculates a persons carbon footprint and then asks you to send them money to offset the carbon that one is producing! What a racket! Think how much $ you could save yourself if you take a look at the calculator, cut back on your CO2 production and DON'T send them a donation! Makes sense to me!

Tried another site that rates different services in lots of different locales. Now this could come in handy particularly if moving to a brand new spot. There were reviews written by folks who, we must assume, actually used the services. A good site to remember---except I have already forgotten it and I'm not trying to be snarky!

You are correct in saying that there are just tons of sites on this Web 2 thing that are interesting and useful. I think that there are also way too many people who think that what they have to say is interesting when in fact it just isn't. I know that I fall into this catagory as well---but at least I know it!

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