Thursday, August 16, 2007

Turning 21

These "Things" are getting less confusing and much more entertaining! Podcasts are not nearly the fun that the You Tube was and I did have some trouble finding one that would play. I started with but all of the those that I chose were very old----I was into "investing" and the hits started with 2005. I did not scroll through very many because my thinking was that the most recent ones should be at the top and so you loose my vote Mr.

Thinking that I surely would not be able to remember the listed sources I just did a Google search (what else?) for podcasts and bingo! came across lots! I learned (no, not really!) how to talk about Jaywalking in Chinese! Holy Eggroll!

I can see that these things could take the place of talking books, the radio (the what?) or chatting with the cat but, sorry guys, I still prefer my quiet.

Can't say that I'll never look for something interesting though---now I know what they are, the scope that they cover and the way to find them, and I thank you for that!

I see from the assignment that I'm supposed to do an RSS feed to my bloglines account but I sure couldn't figure out how to do that. Looked everywhere on the podcast page for that RSS logo or anything that would indicate "click here". When I tried to plug the link into the box on bloglines it told me that it was a no go. Guess all I can do is to put the link here...

Would love to put some sort of Chinese character right here but don't know how to insert except at the beginning of the page. Miles to go before I sleep still I guess! Ciao!

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