Saturday, July 28, 2007

Old Librarian Fades Into the Sunset

Whew! Just read all those perspectives in #15 (were there only 5?!) and am thoroughly impressed with the forward thinking and ability to see the future by the authors. Everything is moving so fast and I'm not sure that we can grasp what we have before it is gone and something new and better (?) is in it's place.

Yes, we must be more open and accessible to all of our customers---including the ones who don't even realize that we are there---but at the cost of losing the human interaction? I hope not and don't really think that that will happen---except for some people who think that they can do it all with just a click.

I hope that librarians will always be able to THINK, the one skill that is being lost in the rush to find the information (any will do---it's on the web, it must be OK) and move quickly on to the next thing.

Hopefully HCPL will not dive into what's new just because that is what it is. We must consider where we are, literally, and where, not the rest of the world but our customers, current and future, want us to be. I sure don't want to be the one to have to balance THAT scale.

It's all so easy, point and click---but who will point us to the best services that we can provide? Exciting? Yes. Challenging? Most certainly. Daunting? Hoo, boy!

Number 14 may turn out to be the thorniest of all. Good Luck to us all.

Desperately Trying to Leave 6 Behind

It's still week 6 in my life and only Thing 14! How can this only take one hour a week? It seemed to take that long to load the Technorati video! I'm fascinated! So many people are into this blogging thing---do they really have anything to say? I clicked here and there in the site and didn't find much that held my interest.
Checked out the Popular sites and am agog at the number of hits! Think of the tic marks on the tally sheets! Glad I'm not countin' 'em!
And those Top Searches? I was unfamiliar with Noella---wondered what I was missing.....and now can tell you that when one clicks on Noella you'll see EVERYTHING about Noella. (Note to my mom who no doubt is keeping up with this blog---I didn't look, HONEST!) Judging from my forays into the Popular catagory it's not the intelligencia that is using this site!
So, in answer to your question #14--did I find anything interesting/surprising? Yes indeed---but more the latter than the former!

Vanilla is Not Delicious

Disovery Exercises (do as many reps as it takes you to get this through skull and into whatever area it is in the brain [must check with Evelyn for this info] that will accept this new and potentially wonderful ['they' tell me] information.

#1 View the 12 minute tutorial to get a good overview of its features. The site is down for the count so I went to the alternate site. Very pleasant voice of CEO of Otter group who did her best to show me around---but her screen shots were so blurry that they were of no help at all. Sigh!

Still #1
Did the Us.ef.ul site as suggested and clicked "here" and now, by golly, I'm too! I've installed the buttons although I really didn't want to do that. More buttons lead to more cluttering. Ah, well! Reading ahead, one of my vices, I find that the "challenge" is to sign up for a account---but probably no extra credit! Egads! Does this mean that I'm an overachiever?!
Hooray! #2
Mucked about in the PLCMCL2 account and was MORE than rewarded by finding the wonderful picture that now adorns the top of this post.
Clicked on a few entries and, once again, can see how someone can be sucked into this world of thinking they are connecting with people through computers.
Don't see many tags on this site though---usually just one per site. Clicked on one that had been saved by 728 people! My, my!
...and, gratefully, #4!
So, what are my thoughts? I'm forced to admit that, once again, if I were into the research thing or some serious endeavor I would consider using this resource. However, I doubt that I will dabble again in the near future....although I DO have that account now.....!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rolling Along with Rollyo!

I may be rolling along but really am drifting backwards! Here is my link to the Rollyo thing..

Not a whole lot of reason to check it out---merely books and movies! Yes, I CAN see a reason and a rhyme for some folks doing a Rollyo but not for me to have it for myself, that's for sure. I'm boring and dull and not much interested in going through all the hoops involved (what was that password again?) to search through these rolls when I can do a pretty good search myself.

I've explored and am moving on....thing number 12 checked off and week number 5 is behind me even though this is week number 6 for the rest of you! Please see post #1 for a picture of the current me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

#11 and the Wigit

So on to the LibraryThing! And here I thought that is what I had been doing for years and years---but at any rate, I liked this site and can see that it would be a wonderful place to keep all of those titles that you swear you'll never forget, but of course you do! Easy to use except for the Wigit piece. Am not at all sure that I did that part right but figure that no one is actually reading all of these entries so I'm safe! ; )

Really liked the sidebar example of someone's list but sure don't know how to add that here and don't see any directions so this will have to do.

Tried to add the HTML address as directed (I thought) on the Wigit page but got an error message from Blogger when I tried to publish. So my bloggs, instead of getting jazzier, are definately dull.

Apparently I'm just out there swinging in the breeze and there is no one to catch me!

P.S. Tried to do the MoBuzz part of this exercise but the link doesn't work.

Playing with Pictures

Playing around with image generators and must say that I can see how so many people spend HOURS with this stuff---and also get sucked into spending money! I find it frustrating that one needs to have so many passwords and usernames so I have been avoiding getting into that portion of the activities---if I need to sign in/up/out I move on because I'm quite sure that if I do use these sites again there is no way that I will remember my password!

This magazine cover came from this site

Made myself a Simpson's atavar but failed to save it! The crazy dancing figure at the top is from Meez and the is the site is listed at the bottom of this page. Gotta be a way to put these pictures somewhere else on the page but I sure can't figure it out---where is Publisher when you need it?

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\CP49UZ1S\meezAnimatedBodyshot300x400[1].gif

And now on to thing number 11.


Adding feeds to Bloglines was quite easy---and I had no trouble deciding which sites to add as I regularly check some news pages---now instead of going to the individual sites I get myself into Bloglines and there they are! Amazing! I did try the Feedster site which I really like! I can keep up with something that one of my relatives is doing (nope--no hints here as to my identity!) without any searching at all---The project that this non-famous person is working on is relatively (heh, heh!) obscure and so I would have to do quite a bit of poking about in order to find the latest, but not with Feedster. Let me just lean back in my barcalounger and let the little critter in my PC so the work! Yessir! This is the life!

I met Merlin too! Very easy and informative. Am not into the virtual characters, although I have made one in the past. Guess they just don't interest me. Geocaching is fun and gets you to some places you never would have gone. The initial outlay for the GPS can be pricey so I suggest that you find a friend who has one to go with before getting involved---and watch out for the poison ivy!

Sorry that this post is not more fun to look at but I can't get any pictures to upload and I've spent more than enough time on this tonight.

That's the news from here!