Thursday, August 16, 2007

Listening In

I was really looking forward to this one! It's good that audio books is part of this exercise as it is one thing that some patrons want to know about---so in I plunged! But the water was a bit shallower than expected! Finally got the hang of finding a title that was actually available and did the software download thing---until it stopped! I see that the software download completed (the icon is on my desktop) but I can't budge the actual loading of the book----I was hoping to get a taste of James Patterson's 5th Horseman.

I have had a chance to peruse the list of books that are available from each of the two services that HCPl offers and am very impressed. There is a wide range that's for sure! Today I had to disappoint a student who needed to listed to the Scarlet Letter---but I was able to point her toward the download version. I just tried to get it myself but that dratted message keep appearing (A security Upgrade is Required to Preform the Operation of this Media file). So now I have two things checked out, other people can't have them and neither can I! Just another frustrating experience that I've had during the 23 Things.

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