Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Adding feeds to Bloglines was quite easy---and I had no trouble deciding which sites to add as I regularly check some news pages---now instead of going to the individual sites I get myself into Bloglines and there they are! Amazing! I did try the Feedster site which I really like! I can keep up with something that one of my relatives is doing (nope--no hints here as to my identity!) without any searching at all---The project that this non-famous person is working on is relatively (heh, heh!) obscure and so I would have to do quite a bit of poking about in order to find the latest, but not with Feedster. Let me just lean back in my barcalounger and let the little critter in my PC so the work! Yessir! This is the life!

I met Merlin too! Very easy and informative. Am not into the virtual characters, although I have made one in the past. Guess they just don't interest me. Geocaching is fun and gets you to some places you never would have gone. The initial outlay for the GPS can be pricey so I suggest that you find a friend who has one to go with before getting involved---and watch out for the poison ivy!

Sorry that this post is not more fun to look at but I can't get any pictures to upload and I've spent more than enough time on this tonight.

That's the news from here!

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