Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rolling Along with Rollyo!

I may be rolling along but really am drifting backwards! Here is my link to the Rollyo thing..


Not a whole lot of reason to check it out---merely books and movies! Yes, I CAN see a reason and a rhyme for some folks doing a Rollyo but not for me to have it for myself, that's for sure. I'm boring and dull and not much interested in going through all the hoops involved (what was that password again?) to search through these rolls when I can do a pretty good search myself.

I've explored and am moving on....thing number 12 checked off and week number 5 is behind me even though this is week number 6 for the rest of you! Please see post #1 for a picture of the current me.

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HCPL WebMaster said...

Nice job on the blog. You're almost done! Wow! I appreciate your comments ... even more important are the ones where you investigate but decide ... this is not for me. But you know! And that's key!