Tuesday, July 10, 2007

#11 and the Wigit

So on to the LibraryThing! And here I thought that is what I had been doing for years and years---but at any rate, I liked this site and can see that it would be a wonderful place to keep all of those titles that you swear you'll never forget, but of course you do! Easy to use except for the Wigit piece. Am not at all sure that I did that part right but figure that no one is actually reading all of these entries so I'm safe! ; )

Really liked the sidebar example of someone's list but sure don't know how to add that here and don't see any directions so this will have to do.

Tried to add the HTML address as directed (I thought) on the Wigit page but got an error message from Blogger when I tried to publish. So my bloggs, instead of getting jazzier, are definately dull.

Apparently I'm just out there swinging in the breeze and there is no one to catch me!

P.S. Tried to do the MoBuzz part of this exercise but the link doesn't work.

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