Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vanilla is Not Delicious

Disovery Exercises (do as many reps as it takes you to get this through skull and into whatever area it is in the brain [must check with Evelyn for this info] that will accept this new and potentially wonderful ['they' tell me] information.

#1 View the 12 minute tutorial to get a good overview of its features. The site is down for the count so I went to the alternate site. Very pleasant voice of CEO of Otter group who did her best to show me around---but her screen shots were so blurry that they were of no help at all. Sigh!

Still #1
Did the Us.ef.ul site as suggested and clicked "here" and now, by golly, I'm too! I've installed the buttons although I really didn't want to do that. More buttons lead to more cluttering. Ah, well! Reading ahead, one of my vices, I find that the "challenge" is to sign up for a account---but probably no extra credit! Egads! Does this mean that I'm an overachiever?!
Hooray! #2
Mucked about in the PLCMCL2 account and was MORE than rewarded by finding the wonderful picture that now adorns the top of this post.
Clicked on a few entries and, once again, can see how someone can be sucked into this world of thinking they are connecting with people through computers.
Don't see many tags on this site though---usually just one per site. Clicked on one that had been saved by 728 people! My, my!
...and, gratefully, #4!
So, what are my thoughts? I'm forced to admit that, once again, if I were into the research thing or some serious endeavor I would consider using this resource. However, I doubt that I will dabble again in the near future....although I DO have that account now.....!

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