Saturday, July 28, 2007

Desperately Trying to Leave 6 Behind

It's still week 6 in my life and only Thing 14! How can this only take one hour a week? It seemed to take that long to load the Technorati video! I'm fascinated! So many people are into this blogging thing---do they really have anything to say? I clicked here and there in the site and didn't find much that held my interest.
Checked out the Popular sites and am agog at the number of hits! Think of the tic marks on the tally sheets! Glad I'm not countin' 'em!
And those Top Searches? I was unfamiliar with Noella---wondered what I was missing.....and now can tell you that when one clicks on Noella you'll see EVERYTHING about Noella. (Note to my mom who no doubt is keeping up with this blog---I didn't look, HONEST!) Judging from my forays into the Popular catagory it's not the intelligencia that is using this site!
So, in answer to your question #14--did I find anything interesting/surprising? Yes indeed---but more the latter than the former!

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