Friday, June 15, 2007

Wondering Where I Live!

So here I am, trying to catch up to some of you over achievers out there by working on this project from home. I'm on to the Flickr thing (why is it cute to spell words incorrectly?--Remember the flack we got about QUIK Check? : } ) and have tried several times to create my account (yet another!) and am told over and over by a machine that the postal code that I have entered (21014) isn't in the county that I have chosen (the US)!

I'd really like to be able to function well with the technology that abounds but must say that roadblocks such as this one are a bit frustrating to me!

Here is another example---I just tried to "add an image" from the above icon but when the image page pops us I can't get my cursor into the search box---I had to use the URL box. Ah well, Grumpy and I are in for the long haul!
I see that we also have to post comments on other blogs so if someone would like to jump in and tell me exactly where I live please feel free!
And so, Dear Reader, I will think about the Flickr thing tomorrow---at Tara!

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