Monday, June 25, 2007

Flick or Maybe not!

Took a look at Flickr and am very impressed with the many different things that you can do---but not so impressed with the directions! I did manage to make a trading card (are you kidding--think these will be a hot item in the Library Store?) but was unable to make a magazine cover or a picture with thought balloons. : - [

Thought that I would add the card into the blog but the site where it sits has too much info and you might guess who Lily is.

The other "thing" that needs to be accomplished is some comments about technology---any technology! Let's talk about USBs---greatest thing since the floppy! I really think that we should all be GIVEN these little babies to help us get through the day! Great for taking your work home with you (Oh Yeah! Now I have you attention, I'm sure!) or just from your work station to another. I keep mine, that I bought to make life easier, secured to the bag that I take to and from work. I don't remember how much mine cost---less than $30 I'm sure---but it has really saved me in lots of situations. Plenty of room on it and very easy to use. If you can get through these 23 things then you can certainly use a USB!
l8r g8r!

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