Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feeding Frenzy!

Tonight I have learned how to feed----something that I was sure I had already adequately mastered, but apparently not! Setting up RSS really IS simple---the most difficult thing was trying to think of ten sites that I am interested in. I used the tutorial and found it very easy to follow---as the past ones have been as well.

I've even added some and then deleted them using the Edit and Options tabs. Again, really simple.

And so I got myself down to the Optional Exercise--How to find your public Bloglines URL---and the directions say to click on the "Share" tab but I only have a "Home" and "Search" tab so once again in these 23 things I get to a roadblock.

Thought I'd try the blogroll---am certainly learning to just give it the old college try---and then typed in a username. Sure enough I think that I now have a public URL


Could that be it? Could I have accomplished "the most difficult one of all 23 "things"? What would Thing One and Thing Two think about that? And what would Dr. Seuss blog about? Speaking of feeding---all of this is certainly food for thought....Ciao!

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